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About Etico

we work to make a difference!

How We Help Our Customers Succeed?

Our track record is one of successful customer-driven innovations. Our customers do business with us because we help them solve their problems, enabling them to think bigger and invent better.

How can we help you take your ideas to the next level?


At Etico, many of our customer relationships have exceeded 15 years. Why? Because we know our customers' industries and work with them to develop innovative solutions to meet tomorrow's needs.

Etico offers unprecedented expertise and the best solutions - combined with a global, in-depth understanding of market dynamics and application requirements. since the industry requirements can vary greatly in different areas of the world, we have tailored some of our solutions to meet specific needs in each place

If your application is innovative, challenging or requires very precise specifications, ask us about how we can help.

Technologies to Enhance Many Markets

Etico offers a broad line of 

  •  Injection PS, PE,PP,PVC,PC PARTS
  • Extrusion plastic sheets (one , two & three layers ) HIPS, ABS ,PMMA-ABS-PMMA
  • Blowing PET
  • Master batch
  • Compound material (PP+CACO3, PP+TALK FILED )
  • Filler base PP, PE


Etico supporting customers in a wide variety of industries, including home appliances, automotive, building & construction, lighting, medical, packing and sheet extrusion.