Etico For Trading & Industrialization Co.
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Etico History

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Etico (Engineering for trading & industrialisation Co.) is one of the leading plastics manufacturers with the highest technology in A.R.E and based many of the staff with considerable experience in the plastic manufacture what gave Etico a big boost for the company from day one, as we have most of plastic manufacturing types

·      1996       : Etico was established as a trading company for raw material and manufacturers of the Plastic parts and plastic sheets.

·      2001       : Etico became one of the biggest trading companies in Egypt for the plastic raw material.

·      2003       : Etico became official an agent for some of the biggest names in manufacturing plastic raw materials in the world.  

 ·      2004       : Etico increased business by manufacturing plastic parts and plastic sheet.

·      2008       : Etico start establishing new factory in Elobour city for plastic manufacturing.

·      Oct.2009 :Etico new plastic factory production lines started for plastic sheet extrusion and injection machines.

·      Feb.2010 : Etico add more Injection machines line and started strongly. 

·      Sept.2010: Etico Compound material line started.

·      Oct.2010 : Etico have Iso certificate 9001/2008 ,14000/2004 ,18000/2007.

·      Dec.2010 : Etico established plastic laboratory.

·      feb.2011  :Etico started production for master batch.


  •     feb.2013  : ETICO started automatic plastic painting line .



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