Engineering For Trading & Industrialization Co.


Our Knowledge and Experience

Who We Are

ETICO is a one of Egyptian leaders in the production of plastic sheets (ABS, HIPS , PMMA), injection plastic parts, compound plastic material ,master batch, PET bottle and Painting plastic parts by automatic line 

 We are a company built on technology leadership. A company positioned to push the development for our customers and push great ideas as far as possible.

 Our company is a unique combination of strong capabilities - marketplace and technology leadership and world-class production assets  

Our global reach and resources have a wide variety of discipline, enabling us to serve a wide range of end-markets, including consumer electronics, large and portable appliances, sheet, cosmetics packing and PET bottle.

ETICO has a long-standing legacy of unrivaled customer relationships based on our know-how and passion to help them meet any challenge. Build on manufacturing, commercial and technological experience. we are passionately focused on delivering high performance products and innovative thinking to our customers.

ETICO also is one of the Egyptian leaders in trading plastic raw material PS,PC,PA,PE,PP,PET.


We’re proud of what we achieved, but it’s the path of success that excites us most.

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