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Etico was sure that one of the important reasons for its unique quality has to be

according high technology which pushed Etico to invest to have one of the best laboratories in the Middle East for plastic testing with latest equipments generation that can test the plastic polymers in the form of granules or injected sample to identify the thermal, physical, and mechanical specs. Such as MFI, VSP And HDT, tensile and flexural strength, opacity, carbon and ash contents, hardness, and density.  

Otherwise Etico laboratory, has color separator equipment with Japanese technology to be sure from their master batch products and to facilitate to produce whatever color may our customer needs by matching color, recognize & offer the formulation of any colored specimen.

Finally all our lab staff got training courses from German & Indian professors to be more qualified to match the market requirements.


Etico from day one was insisting on having the same system as foreign companies have so it had and implemented the following certificates:

·      ISO 9001/2008

·      ISO 14001/2004

·      ISO OHSAF 18001/2007

·      Etico laboratory in process to get ISO17025 to be a certified Lab.


·      Etico registered for REACH certificate.